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Reverse Osmosis Water Unit

Reverse Osmosis Water Unit

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Product Code:MDS-W1000
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Power:No Mains Power Needed

The most effective method for providing clean Pure water for your autoclave

Removes the need to buy and store expensive bottled water.

Includes 10 litre water tank and swan neck dispensing tap.

Hard Water model includes a medical quality MDS filter.

MDS filter reduces TDS to virtually zero - autoclaves require water with a TDS reading of less than 10.

Affordable filters and servicing keep running cost to a minimum.

The benefits of using an RO system will save you money:

A Practice using bottled water costing €2/ litre can spend on average €1,400 per year to supply just one autoclave.

The cost of the RO system replacement filters which need to be replaced on average every 2 years (depending upon usage obviously). The current cost for a complete set of filters is €135.00.
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