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X-Ray & Medical Ultrasound

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Date written : 24/08/2016

In continuation to our previous diary posts regarding Medical Imaging Industry. Medray brings you fast and transient data relating to X-Ray and Medical Ultrasound. These 2 technologies square measure the foremost in style inside the medical imaging sector of care.

X-Ray: X-Ray is one amongst the oldest and often used technologies inside medical imaging. The technology produces pictures of internal body structures with the assistance of terribly tiny dose of radiation. This type of imaging is mostly wont to diagnose broken bones, internal injury / infection and to search out unrecognised objects inside bodily soft tissues. Some x-ray exams might use AN iodine-based medium or metal to assist improve the visibility of specific organs, blood vessels, tissues or bone.

Medray Imaging Systems contains a portfolio of extremely advanced Ultrasound instrumentality and DR X-ray Rooms from Carestream. a number of the main X-Ray instrumentality inside the portfolio square measure - Carestream DRX-Revolution, Carestream DRX-Evolution and, Carestream DRX-Ascend System and Carestream Q-Rad System to call many doable solutions.

Media Library - Carestream QRad System

Medical Ultrasound: Medical Ultrasound that is mostly called diagnostic ultrasound or prenatal diagnosis is another sort of imaging technique that is predicated on ultrasound. This method is employed to diagnose internal body structures like, joints, internal organs, muscles, tendons and vessels. The most purpose of conducting a medical ultrasound is to discover the supply of unwellness or any diagnosing. Prenatal diagnosis has some benefits over different imaging techniques, such as, period image, portable, value effective, no use of harmful radiation.

Medray Imaging Systems are going to be shortly adding the Carestream Touch Prime and Carestream Touch Prime XE in their radiology portfolio.

To know more about X-Ray systems / rooms and medical ultrasound from Medray Imaging Systems, contact us at: or call us at +353 01 466 3773.

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