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Right for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

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Date written : 09/12/2013

As much as we sometimes wish it would, unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Don’t forget to include medical imaging and health IT equipment in that saying too. Technology moves fast. Radiology departments need to be aware of the solutions that are most appropriate for their facilities, both in terms of providing the best care for their patients and for their wallets. X-ray system and health IT solutions are no small purchases, and radiologists and radiographers alike need to be assured that the purchase is worth the investment.

Our Business Partners at Carestream, have the saying that our medical imaging solutions are “Right for today. Ready for tomorrow.” We do not want radiology departments to buy a piece of equipment and then need to purchase a new one before its end of life. The facility and vendor should be working together to find the right fit so that the X-ray and IT purchases are future-proofed.  The mission should be to provide facilities with a bridge that appropriately provides the radiology department with the right technology at an affordable price, and also having them prepared for technological needs they will experience down the road. This means that the technologies that acquire and store images will be accessible and relevant in the future, and that the inevitability of changing needs and advancing technologies does not make current investments obsolete.

When implementing modular systems, users can expect to experience three main benefits:

Cost control:

Because of modular capabilities, funds are only spent on the technologies needed instead of additional costs spent on hardware or software that is not needed, but cannot be dissociated from the original technology.

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Efficiency, flexibility—both of these also work as appropriate descriptors of modular solutions. One main purpose behind purchasing modular solutions is that they have the ability to be switched around and used with a variety of systems, no matter the vendor. For example, our DRX-1 wireless digital detectors do not have to be used on only a Carestream DR system. Sure, we’d prefer it that way, but for the sake of agility, the DRX-1 detectors work with the X-ray systems of other vendors. This agile capability means that you can purchase the detectors necessary without having to buy a new X-ray system.

Improved patient care:

While the cost control and agility ultimately helps the healthcare facility, the improved customer care experienced through modular solutions is noticeable and vital. With the improved efficiency created thanks to modular systems, healthcare providers are able to capture, collect, analyze and access information much faster without compromising the quality of care. Thanks to the ease of implementation, healthcare providers can effectively install new technologies without breaking the bank. Certainly a win-win situation for the providers and the patients.

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