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Radiation Protective Doors from Medray

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Date written : 18/08/2016

X-ray Protective Doors now available from Medray

Radiological protection that is usually called radiation protection has been well-defined by International nuclear energy Agency (IAEA). United Nations agency is one in all the many organizations below international organisation and is usually called “Atoms for Peace”. Established in 1957, the organization operates with multiple partners globally for the promotion of safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.

IAEA defines the radiation protection as “The protection of individuals from harmful effects of exposure to radiation, and also suggests that for achieving this”. The term radiation signifies the radiation rays emitting X-rays or gamma particles in high enough energy to tolerate any medium and cause harm. The radiation is generally in industrial and medicinal areas and may cause dangerous impact on health and atmosphere. Foremost common harm caused to living beings is that the skin burns and radiation syndrome leading to cancer, thanks to negative microscopic impact on living tissues.

The basic construct behind the radiation protection is to scale back the expected absorption dose by expulsion the radiation rays among protection accessories. the foremost common ones square measure x-ray protecting doors that square measure wont to bar the X-ray radiation going out of the radiology area.

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The X-Ray protecting doors square measure usually made from lead lining to soak up all the additional radiation among the X-ray area and stop the folks outside from the ill-effect of the rays still because the atmosphere.

Medray Imaging Systems brings you the best quality of those lead lined X-ray protecting doors factory-made by Raybloc. These custom created lead lined protecting doors square measure best fitted to hospitals and radiology laboratories wherever radiology nosology square measure oftentimes performed.

The lead lined X-Ray protecting doors square measure totally customizable as per the requirements of the health care organization. Factory-made to match the recent and updated hygiene regulation of the medical business i.e. NHS HTM fifty eight with regards to infection management. These doors square measure best fitted to Medical, Dental, Vet or Radiology environments. 

Key Features:

  • Available in: ECO kit / ECO Custom / fully Bespoke
  • Cost effective
  • Designed to match existing decoration
  • Maximum radiation protection
  • Aesthetic look and finish
  • Finish Range: Real wood veneer / Pre Primer Painted / Plastic Laminate

 What’s different about our X-Ray Protective Doors?

  • Manufactured by experienced craftsmen
  • Consistent quality
  • Custom lead thickness to match the requirements
  • Easy fitting on site
  • Door leaves are pre-finished and lacquered
  • Fast delivery times.


To know more about X-Ray Protective Doors from Medray Imaging Systems,

contact us at: or call us at +353 01 466 3773.


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