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Medray Imaging Systems announces huge summer discounts on Blood Pressure Monitor Equipment

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Date written : 13/07/2016

Medray Imaging Systems today announced heavy discounts on their Omron range of Blood Pressure Monitoring equipment. The company has announced upto 55% discounts on three of their of Blood Pressure Monitoring equipment. These equipments are OMRON M6, Omron 24 Hour Ambulatory BP Monitor and Omron HeartScan Monitor. Each of the products on discount offers ease and comfort of usage while showing accurate and quick results.

Media Library - M6

The Omron M6 has the largest display area against the similar products from competitors. The blood pressure monitoring unit measures quickly with the assistance of IntelliSense® technology. The monitoring system lets the user know, if there has been any body movement or any other disturbance during the test. The buyers can avail 50% discount on this product.

Media Library - 24 hours monitor

The Omron 24hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor has the capacity to record and store up to 400 readings. The unit can measure the readings for up to the time period of 51 hour. It is a BHS approved equipment and is compatible with Windows Operating System. The buyers can avail 30% discount on this product.

Media Library - Heartscan offer

The Omron HeartScan Portable ECG Monitor has the ability to sense the heart wave and identify the potential ECG abnormalities. This is a portable, compact, cordless, single-channel, simple, fast and discrete equipment which is intended for screening and self-monitoring of cardiac events. The buyers can avail 55% discount on this product.

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