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Interventional X-Ray Equipment from Medray - Biplanar G-Arm

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Date written : 14/12/2016

The Biplanar™ system is the world’s only proven Mobile dual-plane flat panel fluoroscopy system

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Medray introduces the Scanflex Biplanar, the world’s only proven interventional X-Ray equipment from our Swedish business Partners Scanflex Healthcare.  It is a dual view surgical imaging solution that offers improved functionality to Orthopaedic Surgeons for many of their complex and routine orthopaedic and trauma procedures.  This equipment offers complete access to the operating site along with complete control. The equipment has a symmetrical G-stand with two perpendicular yet independent imaging systems.

The Scanflex Biplanar captures the frontal and lateral views, at the surgical site simultaneously, enhancing the treatments capability.  Fixed position of the stand during an operation means superior accuracy, no need for re-positioning, less radiation and increased sterility due to easy draping. 

Some of the key features of Biplanar are:        

  • Accurate and Easy positioning 
  • Compact size, when compared with two C-Arms.
  • Highly effective in trauma surgery and critical in spinal surgery
  • Less Anaesthesia time     
  • Less Radiation to surgeon and patient      
  • Optimal access to the surgical site, providing a larger work space        
  • Optimal Sterility which Reduces the risk of infection
  • Shorter Operating Time    
  • Significant dose savings
  • Delivers AP and lateral views without rotating or repositioning
  • Simultaneous Fluoroscopy in two orthogonal planes for a seamless workflow
  • Provides total control with a simple tap of the foot controls
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