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Save time and money with Single Use - Instadose Dosimetry Badges

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Date written : 05/09/2016

Tired of all that monthly administrative work which surrounds dosimetry badges? Medray in partnership with Mirion Technologies brings you a definite solution to your clerical hassles each month.  Instadose Dosimetry Badges, is unique and a small USB dosimeter that works on proprietary direct ion storage technology.

Media Library - Instadose Dosiemeter Badges

The Instadose Dosimeter badge from Mirion Technologies has made radiation monitoring easy and more reliable. Because Instadose Badges has been designed and manufactured with advanced technology.  These dosimetry badges brings radiation protection into this digitally advanced age. A perfect blend of style and technology, Instadose badges are a small USB, in size, yet provide immediate and accurate dose readings via an internet connected computer. The storage technology has made it possible to access each user’s historical or current readings.

These USB compatible badges allow users to access reports anytime online and reduce the cost and time of sending the dosimeters to a processing centre. The user can login to the Mirion Instadose website with their online account details and view the reports in any of the four different languages.

Upon receiving the Instadose Badge, users must register themselves at, this registration process enables the installation process and enables the user to read reports.  Users must log-in to their account, connect the Instadose to flash drive and select ‘Read Device’. The stored dose reports are processed through advanced algorithms eliminating the scope of human error and misinterpretation. The report reading is further enhanced with the graphical representation, enabled automatically once the transfer process is complete.

Media Library - Instadose as USB

The Account Management Program of the Instadose Dosimeter Badges offers a variety of reports for easy download:

  •          Radiation Exposure Summary Report
  •          History Detail Report
  •          Who Has Not Read Their Device

 Some key features of the Instadose Dosimetry Badges:

  •          Technology Meets Design
  •          USB compatible detector
  •          Dose readings performed online by end user
  •          Small lightweight design
  •          Minimum Reportable Dose: 3 mrem (0.03 mSv)
  •          Lower Limit of Detection: 1 mrem (0.01 mSv)
  •          Useful Dose Range: 3 mrem - 500 rem (0.03 mSv - 5 Sv)
  •          Energy Response: Photon 5 keV - 6 MeV

Unbeatable benefits:

  •          Unlimited dose reads
  •          Increased compliance
  •          Online badge reassignments
  •          Immediate online reporting
  •          Removal of distributing badges
  •          Elimination of collecting badges for processing
  •          Late Return Charges
  •          Ever increasing postage costs.

Register your interest in Instadose Dosimetry Badges and we will get back to you soon. 

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