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Healthy PACS Viewing!

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Date written : 28/10/2014

If the goal of ergonomics is to boost productivity and increase comfort while reducing workplace injuries and errors, never before has ergonomic furniture been a more necessary fixture – and economical necessity – than in today’s radiological environment.

The digitalization of the X-ray department in the Klinikum Friedrichshafen, by Lake Constance in Germany, has led to a significant increase in productivity.

For this reason, we already before the switch to PACS sought to optimize the ergonomic conditions for the transition from analogue to digital viewing in the department.

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With the support of our administration and company doctors and occupational safety engineers, the funds for the purchase of the-state-of-the-art PACS work tables were made available, and the investment has paid off!

Together with the management of the department we were looking for a way to provide maximum flexibility with
adjustability, according to Dr. med Mats Wikström.

The possibility to individually adjust the height of the table and the tilted table top has enabled the possibility to change working position from sitting to standing and vice versa. This relieves the pressure on the spine and the shoulders and reduces the risk for musculoskeletal disorders, so called mouse arm.

One of our colleagues, who worked her for a few months, has several years of experience working in a digital environment with PACS and RIS monitors, but at conventional desks.

As it was very difficult to individually adjust the distance between the monitors and the radiologist, she had to adjust the head position in order to be able to see the pictures clearly, even more difficult, also in combination with, using bifocal glasses.  This was followed by fatigue and burning eyes, neck tension and pain between the shoulder blades. By having the possibility to work relaxed with our PACS tables, the complaints dropped completely.

One essential advantage is the adaptive lighting. The sensor continuously measures the brightness of the pictures and adjusts the background light automatically. Ambient lighting is arranged in order not to reflect the monitors. Vicinity lighting is provided to illuminate the background screen behind the monitors. This illumination serves to minimize the fatigue of looking back and forth between dark and bright. It is controlled from each work area.

The soundproofed background screen and side walls, not only minimizes the sound but also shields the daylight from the windows. This feature also makes it possible, to work in even less darkening, with a result of reduced fatigue and happier employees.

It also allows for high quality, effective workflow and productivity gain, but most importantly, you really do need equipment to adapt to you and to what your individual needs are rather than having a user have to adapt to the workstation. We believe that we have succeeded by choosing ergonomic designed workplaces for our department.

Klinikum Friedrichshafen GmbH Röntgenstrasse 5 D-88048 Friedrichshafen Germany Dr. Med Mats Wikström (Ph.D) Leitender Oberarzt

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