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Elsodent Promotion

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Date written : 20/07/2017

Medray are delighted to be the exclusive distributor of Elsodent to the Irish market. To celebrate this launch, they have a range of special edition packs available. These packs include an additional sample. Customers are encouraged to try the sample and if they are not satisfied, they can simply return the pack for a full refund. There is also a 20% discount on these packs for a limited period. 


About Elsodent

Founded in 1995 by Dentist Gilbert Ely and business partner Gilbert Sotto, Elsodent is a French manufacturer of dental products with unique clinical features. Most of their products are manufactured at their premises in Cergy-Pontoise (about 25 kms northwest of Paris). 


In 2013, Elsodent made the decision to design and manufacture dental products with less toxic monomers, out of consideration firstly for patients’ health but also the environment. To achieve this goal, they modified their formulations over time, to eliminate TEGDMA, Bis GMA (and its derivatives), as well as HEMA.The conversion to a complete range of less toxic products will be achieved within 1 year. Apart from their inherent toxicity, these monomers have a chemical structure which makes them easily hydrolysable by salivary enzymes, which leads to the release of highly toxic molecules (“secondary cytotoxicity”). This hydrolysis is due to the fact that resins and dental composites can never be completely polymerized and their conversion rate (polymerization rate) varies between 35% to 65%.


The TEGDMA produces formaldehyde, Bis GMA produces Bisphenol A, and HEMA produces formaldehyde and ethylen glycol. TEGDMA and Bis GMA are present in significant concentrations (between 8% and 10% for the former, between 20% and 30% for the latter) in dental products. They enter into the composition of the majority of dental composites and resins. With HEMA, they are part of the formula of dental adhesives, resin cements and liners. Their R&D Department has discovered replacement monomers which are high performing, both physically and mechanically, but less toxic (not hydrolysable, therefore stable over time).


Since September 1st, 2015, most of their products do not contain TEGDMA, Bis GMA, BPA, HEMA. Purefill was the first Elsodent composite with its innovating formula which contains no TEGDMA, BISGMA, or HEMA. Its higher biocompatibility, due to the non-hydrolysable monomers contained in the matrix of the product, leads to a lower toxicity over time.


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