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Check pets’ sugar quickly with this Veterinary Glucometer

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Date written : 19/08/2016

Medray are pleased to introduce the g-Pet PLUS Veterinary Glucometer

Measuring pets’ blood glucose level was never really easy. It’s forever been a tedious task to initial perceives the glucose monitors before victimisation for tests. The veterinary glucometers have forever been terribly sophisticated and tough to use. Taking samples and understanding the results was a euphemism of pain in itself.

Not any longer, Medray Imaging Systems brings you the g-Pet and Veterinary Glucometer. This glucose watching system is transportable, simple to handle & use, and portable. The g-Pet and may be a species specific glucose watching system that is handy to use and is economical similarly. This glucose monitor is best suited to use in laboratories, vet clinics, in field or reception to examine blood glucose level for cats, dogs and horses.

Media Library - gPet Plus

With the storage capability of five hundred results and an outsized alphanumeric display monitor, this vet glucose monitor system is one in all the best glucometer on the market within the market. To examine the blood glucose sample size of zero.7µl of blood vessel or capillary blood is simply what you wish to examine correct ends up in five seconds. The device has associate warning device which might be wont to set regular intervals and reminders to perform tests.

Key Advantages:

  • Improved FAD-GDH enzyme test strip
  • Smaller sample volume
  • Wider HCT range
  • Strip eject
  • Single code strip for all species
  • Option of voice instructions and Bluetooth connectivity

Key Features:

  • Calibrated specifically for cats, dogs & horses
  • Biosensor auto code technology
  • Accurate Results
  • Easy to use blood glucose meter
  • Vets can train owners to home test
  • Small sample (0.7µl) of whole blood is required
  • Large LCD screen
  • Accurate results displayed within 5 seconds
  • Readable range 1.1 – 33.3 mmol/l
  • 500 result automatic memory
  • Adjustable alert range alarms
  • mmol/l or mg/dl
  • HCT range 20 - 60%
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